Heavy Construction: Cranes, Excavators and Bulldozers

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Heavy Construction: Cranes, Excavators and Bulldozers

Hi, my name is Richard, and I have an obsession with heavy construction equipment. It all began when I was just a little kid. My dad used to work in construction, and he would sometimes let me visit the site he was working on. I was fascinated by these giant machines that could lift impossible weights, dig massive holes and demolish buildings in the blink of an eye. Even though I didn't go on to work in the construction business myself, I follow the industry very closely. I decided to start a blog so I had somewhere to share my thoughts. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Factors to Consider When Conducting a Residential Demolition

Land is a fixed asset. As such, sometimes it becomes necessary to demolish houses to pave way for other constructions that are deemed to be of better value to the community. Residential houses may be demolished for various reasons including:

  • To create space for construction of roads.
  • To create space to build houses that have greater accommodation capacities.
  • To adopt new city plans.
  • Or simply to build a new house in the same area—perhaps with more modern designs.

Whatever the reasons for the demolition, there are several factors that you need to consider in order to make such demolitions a success.

Local Authorities

Often, the house or houses you want to demolish are subject to local authorities' regulations. Before you proceed with the demolition, ensure you get the required clearance from the local authorities.  The site clearing and subsequent new projects must comply with the laws and regulations of the local authorities.

Choosing Contractors

This is the most important step when looking for site-clearing services. There are many contractors purporting to offer such services, and you must be careful in your selection process. You should choose a company that has a good track record in residential demolition. You can easily obtain information from feedback of their previous clients. Choosing a competent contractor means you are assured of getting the right services, done within your specified timeframe, and according to your plans. In addition, ensure that the selected contractor has the necessary licences to perform the services.

Costs and Environmental Considerations

House demolition comes at a cost, and one of the methods of saving is ensuring you remove valuable items attached to the construction. The cost of house demolition varies depending on the size of the house, the location, and other factors. Before the houses are brought down, there are several items or equipment that can be salvaged. Fixtures, interior designs, and other attachments to the house can be removed before house demolition, especially if they are expensive items. Essentially, anything valuable that can be removed should be removed. The items can be sold, used for renovations or in new constructions.

The construction industry accounts for a significant proportion of environmental degradation, especially through pollution. Any site-clearing service conducted without taking the environment into consideration results in environmental degradation. As such, it is important to select a contractor that puts these considerations in their services. All debris from the demolished houses should be recycled. In addition, metals and lumber from the demolished houses can be recycled. Of course, the items or equipment must be proved to be in good condition before they can be reused.