Heavy Construction: Cranes, Excavators and Bulldozers

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Heavy Construction: Cranes, Excavators and Bulldozers

Hi, my name is Richard, and I have an obsession with heavy construction equipment. It all began when I was just a little kid. My dad used to work in construction, and he would sometimes let me visit the site he was working on. I was fascinated by these giant machines that could lift impossible weights, dig massive holes and demolish buildings in the blink of an eye. Even though I didn't go on to work in the construction business myself, I follow the industry very closely. I decided to start a blog so I had somewhere to share my thoughts. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Cranes for Deep Foundation Work: Everything You Want to Learn

Cranes are a set of versatile machines that come in different shapes, sizes and configurations. You can use them for hoisting and rigging heavy loads in warehousing, shipping and construction. They also come in handy for those who need to work with deep foundations. This can include new foundations being laid down for a new structure or repairing a bad foundation that is on the brink of collapse. When done, you can use the crane for dynamic compaction to ensure that the foundation's soil holds as firmly as possible. Read More 

Essential Selection Criteria for Excavation Equipment

Although excavation machines can be used to carry out a range of tasks on construction sites, their primary purpose is excavation. If you're planning an excavation job as part of a larger construction project, you should know that not all excavation machinery is created equal. This type of heavy construction equipment comes in all shapes and sizes to match the requirements of each job. Therefore, you can't just choose any machine and expect it to work well on your project. Read More 

Ensure Comfort: How to Choose New Seats for Your Semi-Truck

When you drive a semi-truck or road train, you want to know that you have comfortable seats, especially if you drive long-haul routes. You spend most of your day sitting behind the wheel. The last thing you want is to sit on a seat that has no comfort. That's why you owe it to yourself to upgrade the seats in your semi. If you've never upgraded your semi seats, you might not know what to look for, which is why you need to read the information provided below. Read More 

Essential Crane Hire Benefits You Should Know About

Cranes are specifically designed and built to tackle all the heavy-lifting jobs that need to get done on construction sites. This explains why the construction sector is one of the biggest users of cranes.  Construction contractors have two primary options for accessing the cranes they need for their projects. They can either purchase the equipment outright or rent it. Each option has unique pros and cons that may or may not make it suitable for certain situations, but generally, crane hire is the go-to option for contractors that can't afford the high upfront costs required to purchase and own the machine they need for their job. Read More